This is my Journey

This is me.. Unhealthy me.... :( but I did stay positive
This is me.. Unhealthy me…. ūüė¶ but I did stay positive
This was my problem
This was my problem
Thanks to my loss weight buddy
Thanks to my loss weight buddy
I did it
I did it
There are many loss weight buddy that I heard but at the end I decided to pick one. I did it...
There are many loss weight buddy that I heard but at the end I decided to pick one. I did it… ¬† ¬†


I move down my #… I weight loss


I move down my #... I weight loss

I am not a Nutritionist or I am not even an expert.. But I did experience it. That what makes me more an expert. I know I am nearly in my goal. Thanks to the people who is a support system… Thank you V-family. I watch them here.. You will enjoy the stuff that they have.

What is Venus Factor

Venus Factor is safe way to weight loss and it helps women lose weight fast. It is amazing because the one that women should be thankful to is a man who is the world class expert of Nutrition, Physiology, and Biology. He is from the University of Florida and took a Human performance. The best thing about John Barban is that he discovered Venus Factor because he wants to help his sister Anna, I believe that Anna is the first one who is in the system and did experienced the transformation. It is effective because it did work for Anna.. It is possible also for us. Venus Factor is a breakthrough tip that vanished unwanted body fat that we want to be fast.It also increased the female metabolism which he studied. Only Venus Factor can drop up to 3 dress sizes inside of a week. Venus factor is discovered by man to help for woman. and he made it effective because his sister is the reason why Venus Factor is here. and because his sister is a woman like us.. It will work for us

Weight loss advice and tips

Weight gained after pregnancy ¬†don’t feel bad about it because it is not only you who did experience this one. There is a weight gained after pregnancy because our metabolism is controlled by our own gland and the metabolism will work soo slow. You just need to boost it

Breastfeeding also can caused weight gained because of the hormones and it affects the leptin. ¬†Sometimes we are not eating healthy that we thought we did… ¬†We must see a Nutritionist

I know this will help.. Every reason that weight loss caused will end up in Metabolism… Let it work and enjoy



Tips for weight loss

Stubborn belly fats
Effective tips for weight loss

Searching for effective tips and ways to vanished those unwanted stubborn belly fats that exercise and diet can’t do? Perhaps, You need a Virtual Nutritionist?.. This is a simple and quick weight loss.. It answer questions

1.Why did I gained weight?

2.How to loss weight?

3.How to begin and where to end?

It answers basic questions in why we gained weight rapidly……

See my photo here

Food Cravings….

Do you know why we crave foods? It is just one of those reasons that our body need nutrients… And food cravings can caused weight gained. When you feel like you crave for more you need a nutritionist. ¬†I know the feeling in being there because I have been there before. I also had bloated tummy, it made me feel bad and more lack of self confidence ¬†that leads me to stress.. Stress can gained weight. ¬†You have to deal with your emotions don’t stifle them down it will just caused more weight. It does also cause slow metabolism that will lead to obesity.

Chocolate Cravings also is one of the sign that our body is loss of magnesium. Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water can help us hydrates your skin and body. It does not burn calories and speed up metabolism.. What you need is an effective and safe weight loss buddy

We need to be with friends that is a support system people that will be with us in our journey.  I am in this system. I found a buddy and a nutritionist. I also found friends that will motivate somebody like me. Perhaps, this will help you too.. . I also posted my picture in success here